Saturday, May 7, 2016


My apologies for taking so long to get the second printing of Yngarr #1 out. This has been a fucking shit show getting them together. I lost the original files and had to reformat the pdf that I had. If you've ordered Yngarr #1, it will be on it's way to you in the coming days. Yngarr #2 is still coming together. Stay tuned. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

YNGARR #1 2nd Printing!

YNGARR #2 is taking longer than expected, so I have decided to do a second print run of Yngarr #1 for the people who have been asking for it. They'll be ready to ship out in two weeks. Thanks for your patience. To order, paypal $7 to codexapocrypha at gmail dot com

Monday, February 15, 2016

YNGARR #2 Submission Guidelines

I want Yngarr to develop organically as a setting and I'd really like to get interested parties involved in the project. Yngarr is not dedicated to one particular gaming system, however, I envision Yngarr as being an "OSR" project in feel, and usable with early editions of D&D. The setting provided is not heavy on rule-dependent details, so I want this to be usable with minimal conversions.

What I'd love to see...

The labyrinthine tunnels, lava tubes, ancient subterranean ruins, crypts, etc. are calling to you to create brief or episodic dungeon crawls.

Yngarr the distant red-lit giant has amassed all manner of species. In the light of the red sun, many mutations occur... Lone beasts, mutant lords, slimes, sentient fungi, alien races, etc.

Who lives in the wreckage of that ancient spacecraft? What do they do?

As always, black and white line art is loved, appreciated and celebrated.

Monday, January 25, 2016


The first run of Yngarr #1 is sold-out! I'll have more print copies available as we get closer to Yngarr #2, which can't come fast enough!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Yngarr PDF

YNGARR #1 is available as a pay-what-you-want PDF over at DriveThruRPG. I'm picking up the printed copies of YNGARR later this week and I will be shipping them out next Monday, the 26th. Thank you to everyone who has ordered the print version. Please help yourself to the pdf or let me know if you'd like me to send you one. 

A new print edition of WARRIORS  OF THE RED PLANET just went up over at Lulu. I am unfamiliar with the game and it's creators, but after reading THIS POST I just can't wait to check it out. 2016 will be the year of Sword and Planet.

While you're at Lulu, check out the wonderful works of the greatly talented Cedric Plante -
Doodle Temple (Paperback)

Doodle Temple (Perfect Bound)
Gormand's Larder
The Wizard's Inheritance

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Moons of Yngarr Part One: Neth-Ranur

YNGARR has an untold number of moons. Denizens of Yngarr associate many of the moons with specific magical traditions, deities and demi-gods, and customs. In Yngarr #1, I list 20 of them and provide a basic outline of the moon and it's patrons and adherents. On this blog I'm able to dig a little deeper and provide more information.

Many denizens of Yngarr have no means to travel off-world, even if it's to one of the many moons around the planet, so of course, often times, the perception of one of Yngarr's rocky children is quite different from the reality.

NETH-RANUR “THE DUNGEON QUEEN MOON”This great rocky sphere was once used as a cyclopean prison.
Patrons: The Sorceress Queen, The Whispering Sorrow, The Wind They Call the Dungeon Shaker, Ancient Dragons, Star Wyrms, Pirate Kings, The Dungeon Princess of Ngorh and her Retainers
Adherents: Treasure hunters, warriors, barbarian tribes, magic users, thieves, pirates, dealers in stolen goods, adventurers
Symbols and Banners: A drop of blood on a black field
Ritual Items: Silver key, intelligent weapons, enchanted items, precious stones, wine, trophies of battle, gold
Alignment: Neutral

Long ago, Neth-Ranur was used as an immense prison. Beneath the rocky surface is a honeycomb of corridors, cells, oubliettes, and vaults. During the cosmic war of the Star Wyrms, Neth-Ranur was used by The Sorceress Queen and her court as headquarters and also as a place to house many refugees from around the galaxy. Years later, Neth-Ranur was all but abandoned. Rumors grew of immense riches that had been hidden deep within the moon, weapons, technologies and magicks of untold power. Determined to uncover the hidden treasures of Neth-Ranur, the Dungeon Princess of Ngorh and her consorts and retainers rode dragons from the highest peaks of Yngarr up to Neth-Ranur...but were never heard from again.

Followers of the patrons of Neth-Ranur believe that The Princess and her court rule the rocky moon from a palace made of gold. They believe that the Princess / Dungeon Queen, throws handfuls of riches down to the planet to be collected by her followers. Found treasure caches, good fortune, financial boons are usually attributed to the Queen's generous grace…

Adventurers seeking to travel to Neth-Ranur can do so via magic or via dream ship or air ship. When they arrive, they will find a desolate world of brown and orange rock, with little sign of palaces or beautiful space princesses. The oppressive atmosphere and severe radiation on the surface will send most humanoids in search of shelter. The labyrinthine tunnels still exist, but most will eventually become lost and go mad in the process. The system of tunnels and caves has never been properly mapped out. Attempts have been made, but most maps and notations never leave the moon.

The radiation that bakes the surface of Neth-Ranur can cause all manner of adverse affects. Most likely this is what had killed the Dungeon Princess and her party, if such a person actually existed...

Neth-Ranur has also been rumored to be a dying place for dragons. In the death-vaults of great wyrms throughout the cosmos, references to Neth-Ranur can be found in burial rites, death songs, and painted on tomb walls.

There is a great sea of bones in one corner of the moon, but no one has determined whether these are the remains of dragon-kind or something else. It's likely that the stories of riches on Neth-Ranur became linked to widely-known dragon folklore. 

Friday, January 15, 2016


I'll be ready to print and ship orders by the end of January. I'll also have a PDF version up by then. YNGARR #1 is the first volume in illustrating the strange distant world of Yngarr. Rather than just create a static setting book, I wanted to make something that would evolve and grow over the course of each release and with the ideas and involvement of others.

The first issue describes some of the background history of the planet and descriptions on some of it's locations and inhabitants.

The print version is digest sized, 32 pages, black and white, and features some amazing art by Cédric Plante, Moon People, and a cover by Francesco Biagini. $7 postage paid in the US. I'll look into overseas shipping if there is enough interest.

Cover by Francesco Biagini

Moon Elf by Cedric Plante

If PayPal button isn't working - send $7 via paypal to codexapocrypha AT gmail DOT com